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Buy B&T firearms online, with free shipping to any FFL/Gun store of your choosing.Today, B&T USA’s mission is to provide users a weapon system that performs without error under every imaginable condition. If you’re looking for adaptability, accuracy, and reliability, B&T offers everything you need in one package. Shop our selection of the top firearms from B&T at bt-usaguns.com. Buy brand new b&t apc9, b&t tp9, b&t spc9 and many more.

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The Advanced Police Carbine (APC) series was designed for the demands of today’s police, special forces, and military units around the world. As the hallmark of the B&T line, the APC series represents the ultimate in performance, reliability, and accuracy. The APC family includes the flexible and adaptable APC9/40 & 45/10mm, the rifle caliber APC223/556/300 line, and the ultimate in semiautomatic precision, the APC308. With a comprehensive suite of accessories created specifically for these platforms, the APC series represents a breakthrough in customization and modularity for every operator, and every specialized mission.

Pro Series

New to the APC Series are the PRO variants of the APC9/40/45 and 10mm. These models have received the PRO treatment, bringing a new level of performance and ergonmics to the APC platform. All PRO models feature a dual auto-folding, non-reciprocating charging handles, improved lower receiver ergonomics including a side positioned bolt hold open/release, replaceable M4 compatible pistol grip, and Magpul® M-Lok® accessory slots. Additionally, the APC9 PRO is compatible with standard B&T, Glock® and SIG® P320 magazines.

B&T Guns

Firearms Manufacturer B&T produces some of the finest pistols, rifles, and suppressors available. All B&T products are of the highest quality, and are meticulously well-machined and fitted with the Swiss-made precision that B&T is known for. B&T also offers a wide assortment of accessories and upgrades for their premium firearms, making customization options virtually unlimited.